About Us

who we are

Little Earth Tiddler is a kids’ online retailer that aims to provide a carefully curated product line to be enjoyed and loved by our most precious little ones. Our emphasis is to focus on nurturing products that are natural, organic and ethically sourced as much as possible. We’ve also added other goodies in the mix that we think are educational and functional as well.


We have scoured the earth of our best finds and we want to share this in an online platform where the customer experience is as great as the products.  


our values

Whenever possible, we want our little Tiddlers to use products that are

   natural & organic

we believe that our children deserve the best natural products out there
fair trade

we believe ethically sourced products do good for other and ourselves


we believe our products should help  stimulate those fascinating growing brains 

functional & practical

all the good stuff we sell is great because it makes our lives easier


our products

Most of our merchandise are sourced from UK & Australia.  However, we keep our eyes open to new and innovative products globally, so expect exciting additions to our basket of goodies throughout the year.