Our Story

Hi, I’m Jan!  I’m a mom of two toddlers and like most other moms, I try to look for the best and most practical products for my little ones.  When my first child was born, I realized how limited local selections are and I found so many items online wishing they were easily accessible.  I found myself constantly asking for favors every time friends go abroad, to purchase my top pick brands.  Last year, when my good friend Innah from UK was back on vacation, we got to talk about the subject and thought, why not import these brands ourselves.  Together with my best friend Julia, we decided to source a fine selection of brands that we truly believe in, particularly those that use no nonsense ingredients and are 100% safe for our kids.  And that is how Little Earth Tiddler was born...

I, together with my partners, are hoping your little ones will love our products as much as our kids do.



Jan, Julia & Innah :)