To make it easier for you, we have two payment options: credit card OR bank deposit.  Please read instructions below on how to go about each option.

  1. Credit card via PayPal. This is the easiest and fastest option available. You can pay upon checkout and we will deliver the goods to you as soon as transaction is completed.  Note, additional charges may apply as PayPal imposes processing fees.

  2. Bank Deposit.  This can be done via 3 banks:
    • BPI bank / BDO / Chinabank (over-the-counter) - Kindly email or text us if you choose this option. Pay your transaction amount at any
      BPI/BDO/Chinabank branch and email us a copy of your deposit slip.
      Once payment is confirmed, delivery of your goods will be underway.

    • BPI Account Name: Jan Leslie Sing
      BPI Account Number: 2679-0917-11

    • BDO Account Name: Green Bunny Global Trading Corp.
      BDO account Number:

    • Chinabank Account Name: Little Earth Tiddler
      Chinabank Account Number: 110-4000-00288